Trade Show Models

KiwiMill makes the majority of its scale models for trade show exhibits. We understand that a trade show model must attract attention, communicate a message and hold up to repeat handling.

A trade show booth should draw potential customers in to explore, interact with and learn about your product or process. A custom trade show model accomplishes this by allowing prospects to experience your product in a concrete way. By representing your design with the utmost accuracy, while placing attention on the features you want emphasized, trade show models help increase traffic to your booth, and engage people once they are there.

A trade show model differs from a typical model in its need to be durable and strong. An exhibit model must stand up to multiple set-ups and tear downs, repeat travel and handling by a variety of people. To accomplish this, KiwiMill will often use strong materials in place of plastic and glue. We will, for example, use brass and aluminum that is fastened with screws, brazed or even welded together to create a strong framework.

A Trade Show Exhibit Model is a worthwhile investment:

  • A custom model is easier and less expensive to transport than the product itself.
  • Models can be touched and examined up close to fully appreciate design and function.
  • A demonstration of your working model draws customers in to interact personally with your product.
  • A 3D model is user friendly – not everyone can visualize a 2D design in space.
  • Cutaways, see-through design, high impact colors and working parts draw attention to your product’s special features.
  • Custom cases are provided to house and transport your trade show model safely to various shows.
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