KiwiMill Team

KiwiMill, is a custom model making company, creating scale models for over 50 years. While the profession remains one of highly skilled artisans, the technology has changed vastly and keeping up with the advances in the field is an exciting aspect of what we do.

Our model making team has been carefully developed to combine experienced craftsmanship with the engineering and design skills necessary to use the latest in CAD programming, CNC fabrication and rapid prototyping techniques. The goal is to provide our clients with the most precise, detailed, cost-effective models available in the market, while maintaining the quality and artistry that make our products stand out.

Each of our model makers contributes unique skill sets to the art and science of model making. We are practiced at matching up our staff members with projects that will utilize their individual expertise. This ensures that our model making company is personally invested in each creation, providing each client with the best possible outcome.