Machine Screw Model

Our client requested a custom machine screw model to showcase the unique keyway design of their product. In order to provide tamper-proof screw and bolts, the keyway shape itself is specifically designed for each customer order – no two are alike.

KiwiMill was given a company sample to make a 1:10 scale machine screw model of. The model is designed to attract attention at trade shows and highlight the unique keyway geometry on the screw and the matching key shape of the pin that turns it.

The majority of the machine screw model was constructed from high density tooling board. The screw part was CNC routed, and the pin was hand cut.

The key shape on the sample provided was measured and then drawn up in CAD.The CAD drawing was then used to 3D print the key shape and the keyway.

The resulting accuracy of the 3D printed parts allowed the model to be functional. The key on the pin actually fits into the keyway of the screw, correctly. Just like the real product.