Our scale model portfolio represents a sample of the work we have done at KiwiMill. If you don’t see the type of scale model you are looking for, it’s likely that we’ve made something similar but do not have a picture to show you. Much of our work cannot be displayed for security reasons or due to particular client requests.

Our scale model shop is capable of creating scale models of virtually anything that exists. KiwiMill model makers specialize in different types of models, and their associated techniques. Together our model making team has direct experience making custom models ranging from architectural models and miltary models, to museum models and industrial models of equipment. These have been used as trade show models, sales models, display models, training models and gifts.

Depending on your need, the size of your custom model can vary from the very miniature, to a room-sized display model. We can build a table-top replica of your entire product, or highlight a particular aspect of it, by enlarging the scale to show off its features.

Please call us at (626) 813-9661 to talk about your idea, E-Mail us, or Request a Quote.