Large Equipment Models

A large equipment model makes it easy for you to market your product at sales meetings and trade shows.

If you have a large piece of machinery, heavy equipment vehicle or industrial process that you need to sell to customers you have to decide how you are going to market your product.

Brochures are informative, but nothing beats having the real product on hand. If your product is extra large, extra heavy or very complex, a model would provide that greater impact without the cost and logistical difficulty of hauling around the real thing.

A large equipment model travels with the sales team and can be displayed with ease in a variety of settings. Working parts help illustrate particular processes. A scale reproduction of your large or heavy equipment will inform, impress and engage potential customers, giving a worthy return for your investment.

KiwiMill has proven experience working with clients to produce a large equipment model / heavy equipment model that stands out. We have ideas on how to creatively showcase your product’s unique features.

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