Airplane Models

An Airplane model is something that appeals to almost everyone – KiwiMill is no exception. We are fascinated with airplanes and helicopters and have fabricated desk top airplane models, large displays, full scale airplanes as well as miniature airplanes with working parts.

If you are looking for a custom airplane model – maybe a desk top design for a special client, or a large cut away for a trade booth display, we can provide you with a replica that meets your needs.

CNC routing, fiberglass coating, 3D printed details and molded parts are all techniques that may be used to build your airplane model. The model can feature moving parts, removable add-ons; even the mechanics to fly it remotely.

All of our airplane models are engineered to be durable and sturdy, and can be adapted for outdoor display as needed.

Aircraft Simulator ModelAirplane Fuselage ModelAirport ModelLUH Helicopter ModelUH-72 Helicopter ModelF-16 Airplane ModelAircraft Inspection ModelF-86 Airplane ModelC-130 Hercules Airplane ModelPredator Airplane ModelBlimp Model
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