Interactive Models

The term “scale model” may bring to mind a static display sitting underneath a glass case. A quality replica of this type will impress the viewer with its craftsmanship and attention to detail. But this isn’t the only type of custom model we build at KiwiMill. What if you want something MORE? What if you want people to INTERACT with your model?

KiwiMill can build models that are touched and handled. Models that can be taken apart and put back together again. Models that incorporate the use of motion, lights or sound. Sometimes these types of models are called interactive models.

Valve Cutaway ModelInteractive or working models add that extra bit of excitement to your project. Everyone is drawn to the action taking place. Pick up the model and manipulate the parts. Push a button and watch it light up, make sounds, play a video, create water flow, move up and down, or spin. These interactive features help bring your model to life, increasing interest and potential sales.


Interactive models are not just for entertainment. These types of models also inform, educate, and demonstrate features. A working model may be the best way to feature your product’s capabilities. If your product comes apart to show interior features, so can the model. If your product has a variety of configurations for different situations, a model can illustrate these options. Motion can be added that simulates the movements of the actual product.

TTimes Square Modelhe KiwiMill team has the engineering knowledge to add interactive features to your model. Call or email us today to talk about how this might benefit you. Check out the links below for past projects involving interactive models. 

Models with Motion

Modular Models With Pieces that can be Taken Apart