Our Model Makers Build Custom Models

Our Model Makers

The model makers at KiwiMill specialize in the fabrication of custom models. Our exceptional craftspeople meld half a century of experience with recent innovations in the industry to produce highly detailed, realistic models for whatever purpose you may have, in whatever size you need.

Model Making Process

Creating custom models is what we love to do at KiwiMill. From the moment we receive your initial inquiry, our model makers take the time to sit down and discuss your ideas with each other. There is excitement and anticipation about your project before we even get to the actual quoting process.

After we come to an understanding of your project requirements: the purpose your display will serve, your general budget and deadlines, and the level of detail you are looking for in your model, we set to work creating a customized quote that involves discussion between our sales staff and production team.

The KiwiMill Model Making Team is made up of industrial designers, engineers, artists and craftspeople. With this background variety, we offer a broad range of options of how to meet your goals. We can even help define what you want, if you are unsure. By describing your vision – the desired impact you are looking for – our model makers can give design input into your project, as well as go about the build itself.

When we are awarded a project, KiwiMill model makers brainstorm the build process before proceeding. Our engineer determines what materials will be used, fabrication techniques, and how special effects such as electronic animation will fit into the process, right down to the mounting requirements, display case and shipping container.

Our skilled group of CAD designers take any files you give us, compile the information, and correct any discrepancies or gaps in the data. If you don’t have 3D images of your design, our staff creates them when needed, working off your photographs, sketches or the actual object you want to have modeled.

Our shop is equipped with advanced technologies to make some of the fabrication processes more efficient and accurate. Our model makers use these processes, such as rapid prototyping, to supplement rather than replace, hands-on skill. The goal is to free up our model makers to concentrate on the artistic and technical details that define exceptional custom models.

A quality custom model, built to meet your particular needs, is the goal of our team of model makers. We are only happy with our work  when we know that your project has been completed on time, delivered to you safely, and meets or exceeds your expectations.

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