Sales Models & Corporate Gifts

A custom corporate gift can take on many forms and is given to customers and clients for a variety of reasons. They can serve as a promotional item, a reminder of a shared project, or a gift to a person who is worth more than a mere trinket.

A desk top model of your product can be distributed to investors or customers, reinforcing their decision to commit to it. These models help create a bond between your product and its backers, fostering a positive relationship that may lead to future collaborations.

Scale models are also given at the culmination of a big project to remind the participants of a job well done. A concrete representation of the goal that everyone worked for, it can also provide motivation for additional endeavors.

Finally a scale model corporate gift is a unique choice for showing appreciation to that special client or customer. A customized desk top model can be tailored to the particular event that is being commemorated. Its quality and fine detail will better express your intent than more ordinary gifts.

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