Training Models

A training model helps people understand the steps involved in a particular procedure. These models can be used as a simple visual aid, or for actual hands on practice. Either way, training becomes more effective with an actual model to work from.

Maybe you already have real equipment that personnel train on. Would you train more often and with better accuracy if you had a working scale replica of the item instead? That way you don’t have the hassle of finding available equipment to train on, making sure you have enough to go around, and the potential wear and tear of repeat practice.

A training model will allow your company to teach procedures to employees in a way that everyone can understand. These practices can range from figuring out packing & shipping logistics, or proper gate-valve maintenance, to safety plans such as evacuation routes.

KiwiMill can help you design a training model that offers valuable real-life experience. By replicating an actual piece of equipment, or process, these training aids help make instructions more accurate and easy to understand, leading to successful results.

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