Oshkosh FMTV 1/8 Scale Remote Controlled Model

The Oshkosh FMTV 1/8 scale model is one of the most detailed vehicle models we’ve ever built. Every detail is accurate to scale down to the tires, which are rubber and were custom designed and 3D printed specifically for this model. All possible small details were included including the door handles, mirrors, lights, mud flaps, bolt heads, etc. were included. The frame is made out of bent sheet metal to and fastened using over a hundred bolts (as in the actual FMTV). Our ability to design and fabricate using a variety of materials, including sheet metal adds both strength and realism to our models.

Special features of this FMTV model include a metal bed so the customer can include magnetic payloads, a strong tow hitch designed to tow the customer’s trailer and a complete remote control system allowing the vehicle to be driven around the tradeshow floor.