Model Making Services

Model Making & Scale Models
KiwiMill builds custom scale models within a budget and time frame defined by our customers. Our expert model making techniques and intelligent use of technology produce accurate, durable, high quality scale models at a competitive price. Some examples of the models we have made: Architectural ModelsAerospace ModelsIndustrial ModelsLarge Equipment ModelsTrade Show ModelsMuseum ModelsSatellite ModelsMilitary Models

Rapid Prototyping
Send us your 3D drawings and we can provide you with an example of your part very rapidly and accurately. We use a variety of techniques depending upon your requirements including:3D Printing – We have numerous 3D printers in-house.
Casting – Creating plastic parts from a silicone mold.
CNC Machining – Our CNC lathe and CNC mill provide accurate parts quickly. CNC Router – A large envelope (48″ x 96″ x 13″) for a wide range of parts.