Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

KiwiMill offers rapid prototyping services. You send us your 3D files and we will create your parts with quick turn-around time.If you need help with your design, let our in-house CAD experts work with you to get your 3D file ready for fabrication.

These services are FAST:


We currently offer PolyJet 3D printing which will grow your part or product virtually overnight. The process is fascinating. Reading your 3D files, resin material is jetted out of 8 printer heads, layer-by-layer on the build tray, curing as it prints using UV lighting. Build times are quick. When your product comes out of the printer, support material is washed off with a water jet, and the fully formed part is ready to go. These models can be left as is; smooth, accurate and detailed. Or you can choose to paint, machine, drill, plate or make a mold of the resulting part.


If you need parts made quickly out of a specific material such as plastic, foam, steel, brass, wood or machinist board, we can CNC mill them for you. This process creates parts directly from your 3D files by use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC). Your parts are precisely carved out of solid material of your choosing, to the specifications of your design.

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