Satellite Models

Satellite models are a steady part of KiwiMill’s scale model output. Our company has been around since some of the earliest satellites were launched into orbit.

Whether your satellite is used for communications, surveillance, weather observation, navigation or research, our experience with satellite model construction gives us a unique perspective on your project.

Built in any scale and for any purpose; be it training exercises, trade show display, sales meetings or museum exhibit, KiwiMill satellite models have the durability and details that set them apart from the ordinary.

gyroscope modelSatellite ModelSatellite Model CutawayLRO Satellite ModelMTSAT Satellite ModelPropulsion System ModelWGS Satellite ModelScale Satellite ModelMEASAT-3 Satellite ModelVanguard Satellite ModelSatellite Instrument MockupDesktop Satellite ModelDSP Satellite ModelGOES Satellite ModelMMS Payload Spacecraft ModelGOES-12 Satellite Model
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