Ford F100 Truck Model

This Ford F100 Truck Model is a replica hand built by KiwiMill model makers. The 4 foot long model was given as a gift to a CEO. The truck model represents the first truck ever used by the company.

This model is a replica of a real F100 truck from 1957 that resides three states away. Over 100 pictures were taken of the actual truck, along with research at the Ford Museum to carefully construct this realistic display.

The original sheet metal part drawings were found and drawn up in 3D. The cab and pick up bed were 3D printed. The truck model chassis was created with sheet metal. The tires were 3D printed and cast in urethane. Many of the parts were chrome plated. Real rubber hoses were used and wood handles were placed on the tools. Three different types of 3D printing machines in all were used to construct most of the parts on this truck model.

The resulting replica is a true work of art, and an exceptional choice for a corporate gift. Our team was honored to work on such a special project.