Custom RC Truck Model – Fun Build!

This custom truck model was a fun build. The truck model came to us as an RC kit in 1:14 scale. Our model makers were tasked with transforming the generic body into a custom TMA truck for our client, Royal Truck & Equipment.

A TMA truck was driven to our model shop parking lot so the model makers could take measurements and pictures of the real thing. TMA trucks are used at road side construction sites, and are designed to absorb impact in the event of a collision from behind.

The truck model kit was heavily customized in order to create the correct chassis. The truck model bed and accessories were made from ABS and 3D printed parts.The Scorpion feature on the back of the truck was made almost entirely out of brass. It folds and unfolds like the real thing.

A custom blinking circuit allowed the arrow light to move up and down. Lights and sound were included along with the RC movement. Miniature reflective tape and client supplied decals completed the truck model.

The completed truck model was test driven out in the same parking lot where the original truck sat at the beginning of the project. Then it was packed and shipped to our client.