Oil and Gas Models

Oil and gas models represent the tools & technology found in the petro industry.
Oilfield sites contain a vast supply of equipment to safely and effectively extract, contain and transport this raw material. Oil and gas models accurately represent this equipment on a smaller scale. These scale models are popular at trade shows, conferences and sales meetings.
KiwiMill can build an oil and gas model of any piece of equipment in the industry, including:
  • pipe racks
  • drill pipes
  • traveling blocks
  • Oil Industry Modelsfuel and water tanks
  • mud pits
  • stand pipes
  • draw works
  • conductor pipes
  • bore holes
  • bits
  • swivels
  • rotary hoses
  • turntables
  • crowns
  • crown blocks
  • cranes
  • degassers
  • blowers
  • auxiliary rig machinery
  • elevators
  • offshore rigs
  • shale shakers
  • mud tanks
  • mud agitators
  • mud pumps
  • safety valves
  • gate valves
  • coring equipment
  • cooling equipment
  • derricks
  • bucking units
  • compressors
  • drill collars
  • blowout preventers

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