Nuclear Scale Models for Training

Nuclear Equipment Scale ModelWhen it comes time to extract fuel out of nuclear reactors and transport it to permanent storage, it takes very large and specialized equipment to do the job.

Each extraction is unique, requiring machinery designed and built specifically for the particular job in mind. This custom equipment needs to be trained on ahead of the scheduled extraction.

This is where working scale models of the equipment become a valuable training tool. Not only is it more practical to manipulate small-scale replicas of large equipment, but in some cases, it can be done before the real equipment is even finished being made.

Scale models can replicate real equipment and function like the real thing as well. Simulations become hands on in a way that even computer generated 3D training cannot replace.

Scale models are not just for sales, or display. They don’t need to be delicate and untouchable. Scale models can be made durable and functional, with working parts. It all depends on the purpose they serve.