Museum Model Time!

This summer KiwiMill has been working on two big museum model exhibits simultaneously. One is for a museum in New York, and one is being installed in Texas. The shop is filling up to the brim with models of various sizes and shapes, from tiny 1/2 inch buildings to a giant 7 foot high transformer.

Our team has enjoyed the challenge of building such a variety of model types for these exhibits. There are architectural site models, dioramas and props, industrial models, historical models, interactive models and product models.

One exhibit is history based and has included a great deal of research prior to building the actual models. Fidelity to to the past is extremely important when creating historical replicas. It is imperative that topography, props and dioramas accurately reflect the time, place and culture they represent.

The other museum exhibit involves modern industrial equipment models including transformer, generator and switch gears and well as an architectural site model depicting an electric distribution system.

Both museum model projects involve the use of electronics for interactive features with include lighting and movement. We are excited to share the upcoming installations with you!

Pictures of the longhouse installation:

museum model


museum model


museum model