Medical Study Model

KiwiMill designed and built the wall stand, cups and mechanism for this medical study model of a wall stand. We worked closely with a medical electronics and software company to produce a wall stand with numerous features requested by the customer.
The electronics, software and functionality of this device are confidential, but we can tell you about the features of the stand we built.
Wall Stand Features:

  • Counter-balanced, locking arm to allow easy positioning.
  • Cups are machined from white acetyl to allow for continued cleaning in a hospital environment.
  • The electrodes were made from copper plated with nickel to provide good conductivity and corrosion resistance.
  • The stand was fabricated from steel and aluminum for long-term durability and strength.
  • Powder coated surfaces are durable and give the stand a nice “hospital” look.

KiwiMill can work with you to design and fabricate medical equipment. We work closely with a company that includes individuals, many of whom have 30+ years expertise in designing and fabricating sophisticated medical systems both for commercialization as well as research.