Medical Product Models Big Success

This series of 3 medical product models represent a knee, hip and shoulder implant. Each one is  3 1/2 x the size of the real implant. The enlarged size maximizes each product’s unique design and features, in a human-friendly scale.

The medical product models were created with a combination of manufacturing processes and materials, including CNC routed tooling board and 3D printed parts. The surface textures varied quite a bit and featured vacuum-metalized chrome and clear coat paint to produce a glass-like finish.

Two of the implant models – the hip and shoulder – were modular designs. Some of the parts nestled into each other, while others attached by way of magnets. In this way, the models could be disassembled for demonstration purposes.

Each medical product model is extremely portable, traveling in its own foam-lined Pelican case to trade shows. Once there, the models are unpacked, quickly assembled and begin doing their job of attracting attention; educating and engaging potential customers.

medical implant model, medical product model