Historical Museum Diorama Of Genesee Brewery

This museum diorama was commissioned by our client in Rochester, NY to be featured in their exhibit at the Genesee Brew House.

The diorama is a historical interpretation of the Genesee Brewery, circa 1915. The museum model required extensive research both on site and through City and Brewery archives.

The diorama depicts the Genesee River Gorge, a train trestle, 2 brewery campuses, and surrounding neighborhoods.

Architectural models of this nature require 3D drawings of buildings created from old photographs that are then CNC machined and assembled. Weathering effects are applied to the painted surfaces to give them a historical feel.

This museum diorama had extensive landscaping that included the application of locally sourced dirt and sand to the prominent gorge feature, providing an authentic look to the surface.

The 20 foot square diorama seeks to entertain, educate and pay tribute to the Rochester community in a lasting, meaningful way.