FMTV Truck Model: Different Approach to the Same Scale Model

Nearly 2 years ago, KiwiMill built a model of a five ton armoured FMTV truck model with a specialized medical hospital payload. The model was 1/10th scale with the truck measuring 36″ long. It was hand built for trade show us, with a brass frame and numerous brass details. The cab had separately applied bolt head and hinge details on laser etched acrylic armor panels.

Recently the model shop was asked to make a second FMTV truck model, in a slightly smaller 1/20th scale. Having acquired a 3D printer in the interim, KiwiMill approached the build somewhat differently the second time around. Many detailed parts that were built by hand originally were drawn on the computer and made with the Objet 3D printer, precisely and quickly. Soldered brass was still used for strength and longevity. The fabric tent design was altered a bit as well.

We have found that there is no one right way to build a scale model.  Approaches vary depending on the materials and fabrication methods, client requests and individual model maker preferences. Budget and time constraints factor in as well. The important thing is that the model’s purpose informs all of these choices along the way. The quality of the finished model should reflect this.