It’s time for flocking our latest architectural model. What is flock, you say? It’s the process by which our model makers add the ground landscaping to the base of an architectural model. The base starts out as a beige colored, hand-carved & sanded piece of foam.

flocking a model

Color is added afterwards, first by spraying the foam with a neutral green or brown based paint, then by adding texture with flock.

Flocking comes in various natural shades of green, brown and yellow and can be found at most specialty hobby model shops. Glue is applied to the surface of the foam base and then various shades are sprinkled on. The excess is then swept or vacuumed off.

Look at all the color choices – ranging from brown to dark green.

flocking a model flocking a model flocking a model


Flocking is an artistic endeavor. It takes a practiced eye to figure out how to blend the colors and apply then in realistic layers. It’s one of the many aspects that brings an architectural model to life.

flocking a model flocking a model flocking a model