Request a Quote

Thank you for requesting a quote from KiwiMill. Please send us your contact information and a detailed description of your project, with any pictures or CAD information you have and we will work with you to quote your project. If you'd rather talk to us, please call us at (626) 813-9661.
  • What size would you like this model? A lot of trade show models are approximately 16" in the largest dimension, but we can make your model any size you would like.
  • How much detail do you want? If not specified, we will typically quote a highly-detailed model with only the smallest parts simplified or omitted.
  • Do you have a budget? We understand that budget is often a tightly kept secret. The reason we ask is that we don't want to quote a $15,000 model when your budget is $7,500 and scare you away. We may be able to work within your budget by reducing the detail or changing some aspect of your request.
  • Are there any lights or animated features you would like to see?

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