Bulk Order of Sales Model

Recently KiwiMill built a total of 84 sale models for an existing client. This sales model is a mock-up of a computer memory module.  Previously this model was built in a small batch of three for our client. They were so well received that a bulk order was established to supply the entire North East sales force.

The volume of sales models needed required an assembly line approach to model making. While KiwiMill often deals in one-off custom models, it is not unusual to receive an order for multiple copies like this.

Sheet metal was cut and bent at our sister shop, CLAD. Check out the video of this:

Machined fronts were assembled here in the shop. A true assembly line of sorts was established near the end of the project in order to apply the graphics and package each sale model up individually for shipment. Then each model was sent directly to each sales person’s address.

Having this light weight, portable replica makes it convenient for the sales staff to transport to potential buyers. The real product is actually 2 times the size of the sales model, weighs 70 pounds and is expensive to replace if damaged.

Take a look at some pictures of the project:

sales model sales model sales model sales model sales model sales model sales model sales model